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Ocearch and Fischer - Shark Manglers | links to petition, and social media accounts for: Ocearch and Caterpillar

Quote: Skyler Thomas on Petition:

"This petition asks Caterpillar Inc. to withdraw sponsorship from Ocearch and encourages the public to cry out against their brutal practices. Yes, sharks need help, but Ocearch is not the answer, in fact they are part of the problem. Their methods are unnecessary and cruel….”

Ocearch and a Great White under undue stress on cartilaginous skeleton.


Brutal tagging methodologies.. should be banned.


Ocearch / Fischer - Shark Manglers

We cannot continue to accept the dramatisation of hunting and landing this magnificent and protected apex predator - the great white shark.

Nor ignore that the tracking data is available to finners, and fishermen, very publicly on the internet and via the Ocearch smart-phone-app (which exposes the great whites’ migration routes/aggregation areas).
Never mind the unacceptable brutal tagging methodology.

And the scientists? Bowing down? For the limelight.. Cash? They should be ashamed of themselves.
In our opinion, in the future; these scientists’ credibility will be doubted, their data questioned, and their messages muddied.

How can they call themselves conservationists, when they partake in these brutal tagging methods?
Granted, many don’t declare themselves conservationists, and when pushed for comments re the cruel methodology, their answer is always something like:
” is not up to us to protect the animals”..

However, Fischer/Ocearch and the scientists always work under the guise of “conservation” when applying for permits (as they did in South Africa in 2012).

A recent report comparing Chris Fischer to Jacques-Yves Cousteau is shocking; Fischer is a hunter, has a history of hunting.. and there is little to highlight any real conservation work resulting from “Shark Men” or “Shark Wranglers”. Image.. Chris Fischer - hunting birds?
Fischer Productions » Going Coastal. Wanna Go Fishing. American Gun Dog. Ocean Hunter.


A year has passed since Ocearch tagged approximately 35 great whites in South African waters (filming the “research” project for History channel’s Shark Wranglers) and ..
We have confirmed mortalities and questionable “failed tags”:

1 killed during the project | 2 confirmed dead in Mozambique | 1 dead in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, on a Natal Sharks Board drum-line (*see image : Mike Fraser’s photograph of the damage caused to the great white’s dorsal fin by the Ocearch/Shark Spotters SPOT tag, in UNDER 1 year)… 
We were also recently made aware that 2 sharks were dragged alongside the boat to revive them after they were traumatised by baiting, exhausting, landing and tagging, before being released (confirmed by Ryan Johnson at recent UCT summer school talk).

Confirmed: Ocearch/Shark Spotters SPOT tag

And the reports of the "failed" tags?
(i.e. the sharks’ tags that aren’t “pinging” on the tracking maps, the tags MUST break the water’s surface to send their signal.)


Ocearch and the scientists bragged about these SPOT tags lasting for 5 years, after being brutally bolted into the dorsal fins.
So, perhaps the answer is clear: when the tags don’t ping; more sharks, tagged by Ocearch and the SA scientists, have died!

So we ask you:
- How many more protected animals will Ocearch/Fischer and the scientists kill, maim and fatally injure before the media, and the public, recognise that this is archaic and unacceptable?
- How many more protected great white sharks will be hunted under the guise of research? and/or conservation?
- How many more TV channels are going to drop them? (History channel dropped “Shark Wranglers” and National Geographic did not renew the “Shark Men” series!)

Let them know how you feel on Twitter and Facebook:

If we dont speak up for our marine animals, who will?

Sign and Share the Petition: Ask Caterpillar to reconsider sponsorship of Ocearch
Join the Facebook group: Boycott Ocearch

(Permission received from Mike Fraser for use of dorsal fin image. All other images are freely available on the internet, links have been included to ensure these sites and photographers are credited.)


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